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Access your desktop securely anywhere, anytime.

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FASTdesk, our Desktop as a Service solution, provides a variety of benefits compared to physical desktop or laptop computers, including security, flexibility, and cost-efficiencies. Virtualising the desktop experience doesn't have to be complicated.

FASTdesk is powered by industry leading Citrix technology and has a choice of four plans; Standard, Pro, Pro Plus and GPU.

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Why FASTdesk®?

Improved employee mobility

Enable a robust BYOD strategy by providing employees with the tools to work from anywhere with FASTdesk. Cloud-hosted desktops provide a consistent experience across all user devices.

Reduce data security breaches

FASTdesk stores files and data in UKFast's secure data centres. Removing data from user devices eliminates the risk of data loss through theft or loss of the user device.

Improved ROI through OpEx

FASTdesk runs on an OpEx model, making IT spend predictable and controllable without unexpected or hidden costs. Long-term ROI and early payback on your investment are a core benefit of this solution.

Improved IT agility

FASTdesk gives your IT team improved central control over all user desktops, allowing for more agile deployment and patching of applications. Operating system and application incompatibility across different generations of devices are no longer an issue.

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FASTdesk GPU is ideal for running applications such as Adobe Photoshop®, 3D CAD, media composers, and other graphics-intensive applications. FASTdesk GPU is powered by NVIDIA GRID™; the world’s most advanced technology for sharing GPUs across virtual desktops.

Graphics memory

2GB GDDR5 graphics memory guaranteed for each desktop.

Visual effects

Run up to four 4k screens at once, for brilliant visual effects.

Save money

No need to invest thousands of pounds in specialist computers.

FASTdesk® Use Cases

FASTdesk is extremely versatile and can be used across any industry. Here are some examples of industry sectors making for most of FASTdesk:

  • Regulated industries benefit from increased security features to protect user data
  • Secure access to Windows apps from variety of devices (iOS, Android, Mac, Windows)
  • Work from anywhere, without compromising on data security
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  • Can be tailored to individual employee's role and business unit function
  • Provide easy access to a line of business applications from any device
  • Enable next generation learning through flexible and mobile workspaces
  • Effortlessly provide learning applications to students and teachers
  • Instant and single point of access to information based on role and access permissions
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  • Reduce IT admin by centralising management and delivery of apps to students and staff - wherever they are
  • Ensure data privacy and protection across all devices
  • Run graphics-intensive software on standard computer hardware
  • No need to buy expensive specialist computers or graphics cards
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  • Enable your designers to work remotely - at client sites or from home
  • Maximise the investment made in graphics software licenses
  • Fast and easy access to files and apps from any location or device
  • Centrally managed desktop to reduce downtime and IT dependency
  • Easily sync desktop and files across devices. Large file sizes are no longer a problem
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  • Safeguard data and files through central data centre storage. No files stored locally on any device
  • Enable engineers to run graphics-intensive software in the office or at client sites with FASTdesk GPU

FASTdesk® vs. VDI

With the increasing movement towards " a Service" solutions, customers benefit from lower initial investment in IT while maintaining access to all solution features and benefits. The same applies to FASTdesk, which adopts an OpEx model on a multi-tenant platform. This model allows small teams to get fast and cost-effective access to a virtualised desktop solution.

If ultimate control over the solution setup, infrastructure and deployment is a key requirement to your IT team, Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) is right for you. This solution extends into, and includes, a dedicated private infrastructure for single tenancy.


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