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Colocation Services

Let us protect and power your IT, while you keep complete control. Housed in our award-winning, ISO-accredited data centres, your IT is ultra-secure and benefits from high levels of resilience and connectivity.

We've heavily invested in our data centres and built them to the highest industry standards to offer you the very best facilities, and what's more, they're wholly-owned by us, so our service promise is guaranteed.

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What is colocation?

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Colocating with UKFast, all you supply is your hardware; we protect, connect and safeguard your solution. You install and configure your hardware within our secure UK-based data centre facilities; whilst we provide the IP, bandwidth and redundant power for your equipment.

Delivered from our highly efficient and secure Manchester data centres, UKFast's colocation service provides exceptionally high levels of resilience and security.

While we preserve the security of your data and eliminate the need for you to have your own data centre, you retain full control of your infrastructure. And, because we own and manage our ISO-accredited data centres, we have on-site technical assistance whenever you need it.


Why Colocate?

  • Efficiency

  • We've invested so that you don't have to. With Colocation you don't have to worry about the huge cost of building and maintaining your own data centre, you just pay for the space you need, for however long you need it. And, because our data centres use less power (PUE 1.3), you benefit from being green and the cost savings are passed to you.

  • Redundancy and Reliability

  • Built to highest industry standards, with N+1 UPS power, N+1 diesel generators, state-of-the-art fire suppression and cooling systems; our data centres are not only kitted out with the best technology, we ensure that there's two of everything. All of this means that we can guarantee you 100% power uptime.

  • Security

  • We ensure your data is protected. With round-the-clock CCTV monitoring, 2.8m razor wire prison fencing, security manned 24/7 and ID access for authorised personnel only means that we are accredited for ISO27001, ISO9001 and PCI DSS compliant. Our data centres are built for your peace of mind.

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How does colocation work?

With colocation, you purchase and own both software and hardware that will host your IT applications. You're responsible for setting up and configuring your equipment and have the freedom to choose whatever hardware solution best fits your needs.

Once you're ready to migrate, simply install your equipment at one of our enterprise-level data centres, where we provide you with secure rack space - anything from a quarter, half and full height racks to dedicated data centre suites. What's more you plug into our fully-redundant power supply, whilst we provide an IP address and an uplink port for you to connect your equipment to a network carrier of your choice.

Whilst you have round-the-clock access to our data centre facilities and you're responsible for maintaining your equipment, our data centres are manned by on-site technical staff 24/7/365, should you ever need hands-on help.


Our partnership with carriers and ISPs ensures our network is highly connected. As well as providing network and service independence, it gives you the flexibility to work with your carrier of choice. Here's a selection of our carriers:

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UKFast's team are passionate and flexible, their services are without doubt of the highest standards and delivered with panache and these qualities mirror our own. We look for partnerships with like-minded organisations rather than simple supplier relationships, and UKFast ticked all the boxes.


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The thing that struck us about UKFast was its ability to offer the whole package; every part of its data centre offering is absolutely key to our clients.



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