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Cloud Hosting with eCloud®

Cloud Hosting

Cloud is the solution that puts you back in control. Helping you transform your business at the same time, the beauty of cloud hosting lies in its scalability and limitless potential.

You can amend your available resources in an instant: increase bandwidth to accommodate peaks in website traffic, or boost storage capacity to meet your data demands.

What's more, you benefit from great British-based support 24/7/365 by dedicated and experienced technicians.

Find out more information and see how eCloud can simplify your IT hosting.

What is eCloud?

We've taken cutting-edge technology, from the world's leading IT providers, including Dell, 3PAR, VMware and Cisco, combined it with our cloud hosting expertise, and brought it together to bring you a flexible, cost effective and secure cloud solution.

In a nutshell, eCloud® allows you to do extraordinary things, while leaving the nitty gritty to us. All you have to is decide which solution is right you.

Of course, if you're unsure whether you require public, private or hybrid, our experts are at the end of the phone to help you make the right decision.

Public eCloud >

  • Cost-effective, secure virtual machines
  • A flexible, elastic cloud environment
  • High-performance Infrastructure

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Hybrid eCloud >

  • Create your own virtual data centre
  • Scale at the click of a button
  • High performance cloud hosting

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Private eCloud >

  • 100% dedicated cloud infrastructure
  • Our most secure cloud solution
  • The ultimate in performance, guaranteed

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Cloud Solutions >

  • Backup: protect your critical data in the cloud
  • Disaster recovery: safeguard your business


Why Choose eCloud?

Cloud computing has many benefits, including:


    Through less hardware, software and upgrade costs

    Quickly scale IT resources to meet your needs

    Simple disaster recovery options and increased protection against data loss, power failure and viruses

    With VMware and N+1 hardware configuration
  • UK-BASED 24/7/365 SUPPORT

    From UK-based expert technicians - whenever you need support. Plus a 15 minute priority support response

    As promised in our industry-leading SLA

    Cisco-powered infrastructure & VMware Premier Partner

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Under the bonnet

Which Cloud is best for me?

Public eCloud >

Suitable for:

  • Companies with limited IT resources & budget
  • Rapid deployment of IT resources, build via an online portal
  • Greater flexibility and agility, limits the amount of decision making due to operational expenditure
  • Rapid turnaround and faster time to market for new applications
  • No difficult choices to make between hardware vendors
  • Ability to test and develop application code
  • Implementation of software-as-a-service applications with an integrated security strategy
  • Add and remove capacity as and when you need to cope with peak times.

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Hybrid eCloud >

Suitable for:

  • Companies needing privacy and security, whilst retaining the ability to burst resources
  • Wanting an IT platform that will grow with you
  • Have budget constraints
  • No CAPEX with no need to purchase individual SAN storage arrays
  • Ideal solution for load heavy projects
  • Saves you the extra cost of purchasing exclusive server hardware
  • Can be operated at any time at all, wherever you are
  • Infrastructure provides reliable connectivity, even in case of outages.

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Private eCloud >

Suitable for:

  • Businesses wanting full control and automation
  • Guaranteed security and no shared resources
  • Reducing operational costs
  • Free-up IT personnel to focus on other activities
  • You need to adhere to PCI compliance
  • Require a scalable IT platform
  • Greater control over redundancy
  • Ideal solution to load heavy projects or entire IT infrastructures
  • Want a robust and reliable platform
  • You are able to operate at any time at all, from any part of the world
  • No more maintenance or upgrade costs
  • Infrastructure provides reliable connectivity, even in case of outages.

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Businesses experiencing success with eCloud

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UKFast understands our situation and that of our clients and how important it is to us that we deliver on our promises. From a customer service point, they're excellent.


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UKFast's private cloud means we can grow and grow without having to change platform. We have the flexibility and the performance we need, when we need it.


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Without UKFast, Quiddi wouldn't be the success it is. We have the reliability of dedicated hosting with the flexibility of cloud.


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