Cloud buyer’s guide

Embrace the power
of the cloud
Cloud transformation is full of possibility and unlimited growth potential – but only if you understand how to leverage the full power of the technology. Drawing from more than 20 years' experience, our cloud buyer’s guide explains how to make sure your solution is optimised for cost efficiency, performance and security from day one.

What's inside?

  • A comprehensive overview of cloud computing, who uses it, how they use it and why.
  • Undecided about on-prem or cloud? Discover how the options compare and which is right for your business.
  • Learn what you need to know about cloud security, how it can improve compliance and free up your IT team.
  • Find out how to modernise your business, future-proof applications and increase productivity.
  • Our handy 'what to ask‘ section explains exactly what you need to find out before choosing your cloud vendor.

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Managed cloud resource centre

Network visibility
How secure is the
cloud in 2020?
Article (3-min read)
Despite increasing levels of adoption by organisations of all sizes, cloud solutions continue to be plagued by misconceptions about their security. So, how does it really shape up and what security challenges does the cloud face in 2020?
Why Disaster recovery
Accelerated adoption: Covid and the cloud
Article (3-min read)
For many businesses, the ability to be agile and responsive during the pandemic has meant the difference between survival and failure. With the need to facilitate remote working and collaboration, cloud computing has had a major role to play.
DDoS Attack
Leveraging the
power of the cloud
Article (4-min read)
As businesses continue to realise the potential of the cloud, it’s important to recognise that not all cloud solutions are created equal. One size doesn’t fit all - and there’s a lot to consider if you truly want to leverage the full power of cloud technology.
Remote desktop guide
Cloud transformation: download the buyer's guide
Article (10-min read)
Whether you already have workloads in the cloud or you're starting out on your cloud journey, it's important to know how to leverage the most from your solution. Our cloud buyer’s guide will tell you what to look for in a vendor and the questions you need to be asking.
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Let’s talk about your cloud

Moving a workload into the cloud can be a big transition, encompassing much more than just the tech involved.
Our cloud readiness assessment will consider every element, from your people to your security, creating a clear picture of what stage your business is at on its cloud journey.