Cloud Backup

Safeguard your important files

Cloud Backup From UKFast

By backing up your data with our comprehensive choice of cloud backup solutions, you can plan for the unexpected. Plus with access to world-class architecture and software, you can rest assured that your data is secure, so you can focus on your business.

What is Cloud Backup?

As your data is hosted in our UK-based, state-of-the-art datacentres, it's even quicker to restore your data. Our network infrastructure and hardware has been built so that we can quickly get your business back to normal.

This remarkable cloud backup solution also allows you to do clever things with your data. Analyse, replicate, protect, archive and search - you're in complete control.

Plus, your cloud storage is scalable in an instant. The capacity of your cloud backup storage will stretch to fit every piece of data you want backed up. Commvault Simpana cleverly duplicates and compresses your data to reduce your storage costs and give you even more space to store more of your backup files, too.

Backing-up to eCloud (available on Public, Hybrid and Private eCloud) gives you even more confidence that your data is safe. We will work behind the scenes to make sure you have everything you need to keep your business running.

Why Cloud Backup?

  • Peace of mind

    Your data will always sit on our cloud backup servers. You know your critical files will always be there, waiting for you should you need them. So if you lose your data, we are ready to restore it at any time of the day, even on Christmas Day.

  • Cover your assets

    With our cloud backup solutions you have the flexibility to protect hundreds of Virtual Machines (VMs) - while Commvault Simpana speeds up backup time by more than 50% and creates even more space for your data

  • You're in control

    Backup your data from anywhere, automate snapshots of your data, make near-instant backup copies of applications, set the frequency of your backups and set different retention periods, all through your personal cloud backup management console. This level of control lets you manage your cloud backups in the way that you want.

Under the Bonnet

  • How does cloud backup work?

    Our highly-skilled engineers help install and configure Commvault on your eCloud. This not only means you benefit from a cloud backup and restore solution, it also enables you to analyse, replicate, protect, archive and search your data from within the same system.

  • Advanced deduplication

    Reduce backup times significantly, Commvault utilises source-side deduplication as opposed to the more traditional target-side deduplication.

  • Eliminate Manual Tracking

    Gain a quick overview of your backups, conduct trend analysis and plan for your backup needs easily.

  • Customise your retention periods

    Centrally automate snapshots of your data and make near-instant backup copies of applications, as well as setting backup retention periods to suit your needs. You also have the ability to set different retention periods for different types of data.

  • Deduplication

    Maintain data integrity with the deduplication feature, enabling you to reduce backup times by up to 50%, helping meet your recovery point objective and recovery time objectives.

  • Offsite Option

    Add offsite and onsite backup to your eCloud solution, so in the event of losing a virtual machine or your cloud suffering an outage you're able to restore from your secondary data centre.

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