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Moving a workload into the cloud can be a big transition, encompassing much more than just the tech involved.
Our cloud readiness assessment will consider every element, creating a clear picture of what stage your business is at on its cloud journey.
Working together, we can then architect a flawless solution that’s fully aligned with your business outcomes, optimises your IT budget, increases agility and resilience.
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Your cloud assessment

This readiness assessment is designed to evaluate and identify your business needs, providing the relevant insights
required to begin mobilising your workloads into the cloud. We’ll analyse the following areas of your business
and provide a comprehensive report:

Business Case

We'll gain an understanding of the business needs that have been identified and what analysis you’ve carried out so far.


It’s important to establish how prepared your people are for the shift to cloud, understand your teams’ familiarity with the tech and the level of input from your IT department.


We’ll assess how your infrastructure is managed, if you’re familiar with Agile Frameworks and whether you currently use any DevOps practices.


We’ll establish how well you’ve mapped out responsibilities and consider business continuity and disaster recovery planning.


We’ll gain an insight into your cloud security strategy and assess the level of security expertise you have in-house.

What UKFast offers

Cloud Migrations
Cloud Migrations
We’ll take care of migrating your apps safely to AWS and Azure platforms, working to your budget and business demands.
Managed DevOps
Managed DevOps
A DevOps approach can achieve incredible results with minimal disruption to your business. We’ll guide you every step of the way.
Multi-Cloud Services
With our help and advice, take your pick of the best products within each cloud provider to find what works best for your business.
Receive expert cloud advice from our in-house team.

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"Moving to UKFast has allowed us to grow significantly over the last few years. The support team at UKFast understands our business and our specific requirements."

UKFast Support

Here to help, each step of the way
Our managed cloud services mean that you can be sure every element of your solution is in the best possible hands. From consultation through to ongoing support, our dedicated engineers will feel like part of your in-house team. We’ll work together to continually make improvements and find efficiencies to drive your success.