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About Doughty Street Chambers

Doughty Street Chambers was founded in 1990 and is committed to defending freedom and civil liberties. It has a national and international profile across its wide range of practice in criminal law, civil law, human rights and more.

The Challenge

The Doughty Street Chambers website usually receives around 200 visitors a day. However, when an international news story broke that brought internet users straight to the Doughty Street site, it had over 180 visitors every single second for over 12 hours. The site came perilously close to crashing.

The UKFast Solution

To ensure the site remained online and didn't crash, UKFast increased the RAM on Doughty Street Chambers' website, installed web acceleration technology and optimised its database to keep the website running as normal. Millions of visitors continued to visit the website, but it never faltered.

The Results

  • Website stays online despite millions of users visiting at once
  • UKFast team act quickly and make solution resiliant against DDoS-level traffic
  • Uptime ensures Doughty Street Chambers doesn't lose out to competitors

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