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Sarah Wilson UKFast | Account Manager

Hosting For Health Services Is Painfree

About Jigsaw Medical

Founded in 2012, Jigsaw Medical has become one of the UK leaders in medical provision, offering a range of services for the health, commercial, media and events sectors. It supports over 5,000 workers, and boasts clients including the Tour de France, NHS and the Virgin Strive Challenge.

The Challenge

Before working with UKFast, Jigsaw Medical hosted its platforms with a firm that couldn't provide transparency, honesty or uptime. The firm was reluctant to allow Jigsaw Medical control over its solution, and provided a low level of care with very little attention to security.

The UKFast Solution

Jigsaw Medical's solution with UKFast has been tailored to accommodate security, speed and 100% uptime, resulting in an endless stream of differences in its business processes. Its website and applications load five seconds faster than before, it takes more registrations than ever without a single problem, and its business grew by 350% in the year it migrated to UKFast's servers.

The Results

  • Website and applications load five seconds faster than ever before
  • Business grows 350% in one year after migrating to UKFast
  • 5,000 users' bank details are 100% protected thanks to UKFast security measures

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