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Shared Interests Lead To Trusting Partnership

About Shadowfax

A Microsoft-certified provider of managed IT support and services including Saas, cloud, security, backup and disaster recovery, Shadowax offers tailored services - delivered remotely or on-site - to suit a huge range of clients' needs.

The Challenge

Previously duped into partnerships with no added value, Shadowfax was cautious when approached by UKFast to become official partners. However, having utilised UKFast's hosting services already, with fantastic results, Shadowfax saw a partnership as the next step on a path of progression.

The UKFast Solution

UKFast's Partner scheme is unlike anything Shadowfax has experienced before; the relationship is flexible, accommodates Shadowfax's needs and is a two-way street when it comes to recommending new business to one another. UKFast fills the gaps in services Shadowfax doesn't offer to its clients, and vice-versa!

The Results

  • 90% of Shadowfax clients who use cloud migrated to UKFast server
  • Partnership allows Shadowfax and UKFast to 'fill the gaps' in each other's services
  • Shadowfax predicts 40% extra growth in 2015

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Our partnership drives extra business your way.
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