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UKFast Helps Nurture Young Businesses

About Innovify

Innovify is a technology company, providing seed, venture, and growth support to young businesses. Established in 2011, it takes new concepts and ideas and turns them into successful enterprises.

The Challenge

Delivering impeccable technology-based support to start-up businesses, Innovify needed a partner that could provide trusted solutions for their clients, as when in their early stages, businesses cannot afford downtime.

The UKFast Solution

Innovify asked UKFast to provide hosting for their start-ups as flexibility and scalability is key when starting a business.

The Results

  • Innovify's clients receive a tailored service from UKFast, to fit their every need
  • Around the clock support, absolute flexibility and ultimate scalability
  • UKFast and Innovify are now partners, and continue to thrive together

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