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UKFast Helps Nurture Young Businesses

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About Innovify

Innovify is a technology company, providing seed, venture, and growth support to young businesses. Established in 2011, it takes new concepts and ideas and turns them into successful enterprises.

The Challenge

Delivering impeccable technology-based support to start-up businesses, Innovify needed a partner that could provide trusted solutions for their clients, as when in their early stages, businesses cannot afford downtime.

The Solution from UKFast

Innovify asked UKFast to provide hosting for their start-ups as flexibility and scalability is key when starting a business.

"Start-ups don't want down time so it is important when starting a new business that everything is running at optimum level. UKFast delivers on this everytime."

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More work from the Public Sector

The Naked Scientists

  • eCloud Flex is resilient enough to handle over 878,000 downloads a month
  • UKFast helps The Naked Scientist reach people across the globe
  • eCloud Flex is able to deal with traffic hits of 500 Mbit/s a second when podcasts are released


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  • 90% of Shadowfax clients who use cloud migrated to UKFast server
  • Partnership allows Shadowfax and UKFast to 'fill the gaps' in each other's services
  • Shadowfax predicts 40% extra growth


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Certifications and Industry Compliance

Your solution is only ever housed in our IL4 and ISO-accredited, ultra-secure data centres. And, as an exclusively UK-based company, hosting with UKFast offers guaranteed data sovereignty.

Carbon NeutralISO27001G-Cloud

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