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UKFast Support Helps Clients Expand

About Monsoon Consulting

Monsoon Consulting is Ireland's only accredited commerce and content digital development agency. Established by two strangers who discovered a shared interest in cricket, the business now works with some of the UK's biggest online merchants from its offices in Dublin and London.

The Challenge

Previously working with a hosting provider that lacked the basic knowledge and skills in Magento, Monsoon Consulting looked to move hosts as part of its plans to expand into the UK ecommerce market.

The UKFast Solution

Using UKFast's dedicated servers that are optimised especially for Magento, Monsoon Consulting has seen vast improvements to its website. Sites that were taking over 30 seconds to load now open in under five seconds, and clients are experiencing big jumps in conversion rates as a result.

The Results

  • Websites that did take 30 seconds to load, now load 84% faster
  • Heavy load of high-res images doesn't crash the robust server
  • Monsoon Consulting can break into the British market with the support of a reliable hoster

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