Young Carer of The Year

A young carer is someone under the age of 18 caring for, or affected by the caring role, of a family member or friend with an illness, disability or misuse of drugs/alcohol; but what makes an amazing Young Carer? Each Young Carer is unique and one persons’ role is uniquely different to another’s, so an amazing Young Carer can come in many forms.

They can be resilient, able to act cool in a crisis and have skills beyond their years; all the while, remaining humble and not realising their skills.

They can be someone who goes above and beyond for the person they are supporting; often putting their needs before their own.

They can be someone who, without support from family, friends and sometimes even school, wake up each day and support their parent with their needs, getting their younger siblings ready for the day, walk into school with a smile on their face and continue to achieve A* Grades even though in the back of their mind, their thoughts are with mum at home.

They can be someone who’s brother or sister often lashes out at those around them, they see their parents become stressed with their caring role, the amount of appointments that they have to get to, balancing work with caring and they try to bring a smile to their face, to ease the stress.

They often don't identify themselves as a 'Young Carer' let alone an amazing Young Carer, because they often care for the person they support through their love for them.

2019 entries are now closed

2019 Winner and Finalists


This was such a tough category to judge and we would like to congratulate all the finalists, however Ella Mae really stood out. Ella’s caring role centres around her mum and she also looks after her younger sister who is two years old.

Ella carries out the majority of household tasks, such as washing up and cleaning as well as doing the shop for her mum. She is so patient and caring, while maintaining a fantastic sense of humour and doing so well at school.


  • Angelo Figuerido, Oldham Young Carers
  • Kian Barry, Young Carer Project, Trafford Carers Centre
  • Charlie Towers, Young Carers Project, Trafford Carers Centre
  • Luca MacSorley, Bolton Lads and Girls Club
  • Ella-Mae Boswell, Young Carers Project, Trafford Carers Centre
  • Antiqua McIntosh,Young Carers Project, Trafford Carers Centre