School of the Year Award

Has your school demonstrated outstanding performance or rapid improvement? Are you committed to excellence and overcoming any challenges your school may face? If so, we’d love to hear from you and give your school the acknowledgement it deserves.

We want to see more than just academic achievements. Your entry will demonstrate innovative and creative efforts to develop young people in ways that go beyond the league tables, with evidence to support your application such as Ofsted reports, parent testimonials and data analysis.

2019 entries are now closed

2019 Winner and Finalists


The judges felt that the DTA submitted strong evidence of the schools progress in developing the character and personal responsibility of their students. The judges loved the ‘Passport to Excellence’ set of challenges that help students in line with the school vision.

The judges highlighted the DTA’s commitment to embedding and adding value to their local community in Ardwick by holding a ‘Community Fete’ for example and offering monthly coffee mornings.

Overall, the judges felt that the high expectations of students coupled with the rich provision of careers and involvement in projects around Manchester ensured the students achieved above and beyond.

Highly Commended:
Seymour Park Community Primary School


  • Oldham College
  • Piper Hill Specialist School
  • Dean Trust Ardwick
  • Partington Central Academy
  • Seymour Park Community Primary School