Adversity Award

In life we face so many challenges. In particular, young people have to fight some of the biggest battles and experience difficult situations. From hardship to mental health, physical health to loss, some of the major challenges can carry on through to adulthood.

Our judges are looking for a young person who has stood up to face adversity. We’re searching for has fought through some tough battles despite the odds and has never gave up, despite all odds. Perhaps the young person has overcome adversity and gives back to others or positively influences and inspires those around them.

Our judges will seek those who have triumphed adversity and the impact the young person has on those around them, despite the extremely hard issues they’ve faced.

2019 entries are now closed

2019 Winner and Finalists


Asawar Kadhem faced the atrocities of active warzones in both Iraq and Syria, before facing the daunting process of adapting to a new language and culture in England. Despite working part-time and becoming a carer for her mother and sister, who both suffer from severe PTSD, Asawar has been determined to stay positive and flourish in her education, having now secured a place at the University of Law in Manchester.


  • Ayman Hafiz, Whalley Range High School
  • Jamaal Brathwaite, Jobseekers
  • Asawar Kadhem, Oldham College
  • Biziza Niyontezheo, Bolton Lads and Girls Club
  • Danial Hussain, Greater Manchester Youth Network