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Sarah Wilson UKFast | Account Manager

Chester Zoo

Our Solution for The Naked Scientists

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The Challenge

The Technology

The huge influx of listeners the team’s podcast receives pushed their bandwidth to the limit. Moving approximately 15 TB of data per month, the team approached UKFast for a solution that could cope with the huge demand their quick-witted podcasts were generating.

UKFast were quick to diagnose the problem, prescribing eCloud® Flex as the ideal solution to remedy such a huge increase in traffic and downloads.

UKFast’s eCloud® Flex offered the flexibility, scalability and speed The Naked Scientists need. The Naked Scientists explained why eCloud® Flex is so vital to a business that publishes in-demand content globally.

Young female student sat on the floor of a library leaning against a shelf reading a book

"UKFast are the people that power what we do. I have no doubt in my mind that this solution will help us grow further. I believe that for our business, speed is synonymous with satisfied and growing audiences."

Why eCloud® Flex?

Open source flexibility

The power of OpenStack enables you to dynamically or programmatically deploy, develop and deliver with ease. As your requirements change, eCloud® Flex provides the freedom to scale your cloud at the click of a button.

  Ready in an instant

With no vendor lock-in and live instance management through your web browser, eCloud® Flex puts the power of cloud in your hands. You'll spin up in under a minute, enabling you to respond to demand for new cloud services faster.

On-demand, PAYG cloud

Free from vendor lock-ins, eCloud® Flex lets you chop, change or remove applications as you see fit without being committed to any fixed-term contracts. Plus, you benefit from increased cost-efficiencies by only paying for the resources that you use.

100% British

eCloud® Flex is hosted in UKFast's British data centres, guaranteeing your data will never leave the UK. We built, wholly own and manage our enterprise-grade, ISO 27001 and PCI certified data centres, giving you complete security peace of mind.

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