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UKFast has, for the last decade, championed the hosting industry through a combination of innovation and forward thinking.

As a responsible hosting provider, we have recognised the need to develop carbon-efficient hosting solutions to reduce our environmental impact.

Data centres, which are necessary for housing servers and providing hosting and colocation services, use a large amount of energy and emit tonnes of CO2 every year.

In fact, data centres worldwide are expected to generate 533 million tonnes of CO2 by 2020 (Carbon Trust).

Becoming carbon neutral

UKFast is now a carbon neutral business, working with one of the world leaders in carbon management to offset carbon emissions.

In addition, UKFast has achieved PAS 2060 - making us the 1st carbon neutral hosting company in the UK:

  • 100% Carbon neutral office and data centres
  • 100% Carbon neutral for all current client hosting solutions (free of charge)
  • 100% Carbon neutral for all new client hosting solutions (free of charge)

UKFast offsets will contribute to a number of hydropower renewable energy schemes which reduce greenhouse gas emissions by displacing power from higher-emission fossil fuel sources on the regional electric grid.

We have specially chosen these projects as they link closely with UKFast's plans to generate our own clean energy, using hydropower to power our hosting solutions with UKFast Energy.

This exciting development will make us the first hosting provider to offer hosted solutions powered by hydro-electricity, a green power source that will prevent the emissions from happening in the first place. We are already working on 10 projects that are at various stages of development.

Your hosting shouldn't contribute to your carbon footprint. We can help you take steps to become carbon neutral. After all, this isn't the kind of mark you want to leave on the world.

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