Xbox Gamer Wins $1 million For Perfect Score

Wade McGilberry, 24, of Semmes Alabame has won $1 million for a perfect score on an Xbox game.

Two months ago McGilberry entered a competition to be the first person to pitch a perfect baseball game in the game MLB 2K10.

On an interview with CBS McGilberry said that prior to the competition he had only played first person shooter games such as Halo and call of duty and never played for more than an hour a day.

However, after asking permission from his wife to enter the competition, McGilberry became dedicated to pitching a perfect game.

After five attempts, he reached the seventh inning and says he remembers thinking: "'I've made it this far, you know, why not just, you know, hit, get everybody one more time.'"

It was on his six attempt that McGilberry managed to pitch the perfect game, and despite a great many attempts, he has yet to repeat this performance.

However McGilberry said that his reward came as a total shock.

Game company 2K Games called McGilberry with a ruse. "They actually called me on Sunday afternoon and told me they were going to come and they had to check out my Xbox because I was one of the finalists and they had to make sure that I didn't have the Xbox rigged," he explained.

Instead, they presented McGilberry with an oversized cheque for $1 million.

The couple have said they plan to use the money to pay off their mortgage, and plan to start a family in the near future.

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