Tesco Puts the Customer Fiest with New Software

The UK's largest supermarket bank, Tesco Bank, has bought software from software developer company Attachmate to enhance their customer service systems.

The system which includes Attachmate Reflection 2008 software will manage calls to the company's call centres which deal with Tesco Bank's motor and home insurance customers.

The software acts as a terminal emulation solution which integrates with the existing telephony system to provide additional functions. One such function sees the system collate all date related to a single customer, enabled by the integration of applications. This means scanned policy documents are automatically available without having to manually open up a seperate database for example.

The new system also allows more detailed reporting.

The system integrates with back office systems and extends mainframe data to users; it also enables relevant information from separate systems to be integrated. If the query requires it the system can automatically launch other applications and bring up related document scans when managing a claims enquiry.

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