Symantec Teams up with Intel to Add VIP

Intel has partnered with Intel to add the Verisign Identity Protection (VIP) on its line of second-generation Core processors.

The companies said that the deal will link VIP credentials with Intel's Identity Protection Technology (IPT,) a platform which builds a one-time credential system into Intel chipsets.

Designed to protect online account information, the VIP platform uses a one-time credential to authenticate users and prevent unauthorised log-ins when a name and password are stolen. The system was among the technologies acquired when Symantec purchased VeriSign's identity and authentication branch.

By integrating VIP directly into the IPT platform, the two companies are able to build the Verisign authentication system directly into the chipset, linking the VIP token with a single chip.

The result is a system which Symantec believes will allow enterprises to better secure end-user systems and online account information. Additionally, the company said that the combined offering will allow administrators to simplify security management.

"The combination of our proven VIP service with Intel IPT provides users with a new level of built-in strong authentication that has never been available before or easier to use," said Symantec vice president of user authentication Atri Chatterjee.

"By synchronising VIP with the Intel chipset, we have created the first ever strong authentication credential that you will never see but will always have in your PC."

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