SMEs Unprepared for IT Disaster

Over 50 per cent of SMEs don't have a disaster plan in place to deal with an infrastructure failure, according to research from Symantec.

This news comes despite the fact that SMEs have on average six IT outages per year which would on average, cost a business nearly 2k per day.

The research company also identified the key reasons for business downtime as: cyber-attacks, power failure or natural disasters.

41 per cent of the firms questioned in the survey say they have never considered putting together a plan, and 40 per cent did not consider this to be a priority.

Perhaps most shocking of all, is the revelation that, of the 1,840 SMEs polled, a huge 5 per cent say they do not back up anything.

Ross Walker, director at Symantec warns that intellectual property can be one of the most valuable assets for many small businesses, and this is something they risk losing by failing to back up data.

Walker says, "Disasters happen and SMEs cannot afford to risk losing their information or - more importantly - their customers' critical information. Simple planning can enable SMEs to protect their information in the event of a disaster, which in turn will help them build trust with their customers."

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