SAS Say Use Centralised Analytics Model

According to SAS, organisations can save IT costs and time by using a centralised analytics model to predict business outcomes.

Speaking at the 2010 analytics conference, analytics specialist at SAS UK, John Spooner said organisations need to distance themselves from using departmental data tables towards a centralised model factory package. As a result this will lower IT costs by eliminating IT departments' communication with analysts when installing new models, as well as removing the re-coding process.

"Models are driving all our business decisions and are crucial to making decisions quickly. Developing and deploying models quickly is critical," he said.

Financial services firms like HSBC are using SAS's model factory to monitor credit card transactions through an amalgamation of SAS Data Integration Studio, SAS Enterprise Miner and SAS Model Manager. Using a centralised framework, models can be updated and replaced without disturbing IT processes.

Spooner proceeded to say, cross-departmental communication between analysts and IT departments will still be needed. "We're always going to need to be speaking to a number of different departments. But by utilising this common technology, hopefully it takes some of the pain away that we experience from a decoding perspective".

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