LinkedIn Rolls out InMaps to Virtualize Your Networks

LinkedIn has rolled out InMaps, an experimental project that creates a stunning visualization of the connections within your business network.

InMaps runs through all of your connections, detects the relationships between them, and groups them into different network clusters. For example, technology/social media contacts, work network and University network. Unlike other networking sites, color-codes and clumps these networks together so you can see the depth of your connections in one interface.

InMaps is an insight into who the major connections, bridges and influencers are in your network. People with bigger dots and their names in larger fonts have more connections and typically a bigger presense, in specific clusters.

InMaps also includes a few options for sharing. It creates a landing page with your LinkedIn InMap and provides Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn share buttons so you can spread your map to the rest of your network.

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