Rotten Tomato to be Fully Intergrated With iTunes

Popular movie review site Rotten Tomatoes has announced today that it will become integrated with Apple's iTunes.

The film review aggregator will be launching a fully integrated version with the iTunes store within the year.

This will allow users to see the "Tomatometer" whilst browsing through films on the iTunes site, as a quick way of seeing impartial views.

Rotten Tomatoes, the popular site that was launched in 1998 was acquired by Flixster earlier this year. The site takes reviews from professional film critics as well as the views of members of the public. It turns these reviews into a percentage rating depending upon the number of positives and negatives it receives and displays them in the "Tomatometer" tool with each film.

The iTunes store will now not only feature the "Tomatometer", but also a few lines from the reviews of some expert film critics, providing customers with a quick and easy way to distinguish between films.

Users will also be able to jump to the Rotten Tomatoes own website with one simple and easy click to read other film reviews. Rotten Tomatoes site will be up and running as normal.

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