iPhone 4 Early for Some, Cancelled for Others

While some unfortunate customers have had their iPhone 4 pre-orders canceled, others are getting e-mails that they'll be getting the new smartphone in the mail a day early.

The first expected arrival date (if you managed to get through first on June 15) is this Thursday, June 24. But according to TechCrunch, some buyers are receiving e-mails that FedEx will be showing up with the fourth-gen iPhone a day early on Wednesday. Then there are others who pre-ordered and are getting notices about when they can pick up their iPhones in-store on June 24.

The early arrival is a bit bizarre and out of the ordinary for Apple, but at least it's some good news after a whole week of problems with them, AT&T and Best Buy. This turn of events definitely won't be the case for everyone who should be expecting an iPhone 4 to arrive on Thursday, and there are bound to be instances where the shipment is late and arrives Friday.

Check your receipts, though, as many iPhone 4 orders won't be arriving until July 2 or 14 now because of the back-up.

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