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Sarah UKFast | Account Manager

iPas will Take Pictures on Two Cameras

The next iteration of Apple's iPad might have a front and a rear-facing camera, Reuters reports citing multiple sources.

The info originates from four component suppliers for the iPad, who are preparing for a new round of production in the first quarter of 2011. Two of them merely say they'll be producing the same components as in the original iPad. One claims that a new version of iPad is coming, with front and rear-facing cameras, while another source says the iPad 2 will be slimmer and lighter, with a better resolution display,

All these predictions are essentially no-brainers, especially the camera, which is already present in most iPad competitors; not including the camera in iPad 2 would be a big surprise from Apple.

However, with the tablet race heating up - the market is expected to quadruple by 2012 - Apple might want to surprise us with an unexpected feature or two for the next iPad if it wants to keep its lead ahead of the competition.

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