Acronix Lends Manufacturing Facilities off Intel

Intel has announced a deal to loan its manufacturing facilities out to chipmaker Achronix.

The companies said that the agreement would give Achronix use of Intel's 22nm manufacturing facility. The company plans to use the space to manufacture its like of field-programmable gate arrays (FPGA.) The FPGA chips allow for logic instructions to be hard-wired into the chip.

Achronix said that its FPGA line would target areas ranging from telecommunications and industrial equipment to high-performance computing and imaging systems.

For Intel, the deal is less about monetary gains than it is advancing its fabrication technology and exploring the possibility for further opening its manufacturing facilities to others.

Intel director of product and technology media relations Bill Kircos said in a blog posting that the deal would tie up less than one per cent of Intel's manufacturing capacity and would not be large enough to impact the company's financial earning reports.

For Achronix, the access to the 22nm manufacturing process will the company to boost FPGA performance by 300 per cent while cutting power consumption by 50 per cent.

"Intel has the best process technology in the world and we are privileged to have formed this strategic relationship, which enables simultaneous improvements in speed, power, density and cost," said Achronix chief executive John Lofton Holt.

"The combination of the advanced 22nm process from Intel and the advanced FPGA technology from Achronix enables Speedster22i to eclipse other FPGA solutions expected to hit the market in the next few years."

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