Software Testing Standard will be Complete Next Week

A software testing standard, which ingrains processes into an organisation throughout software development to pick up bugs before software goes live, will be complete next week when its final level of accreditation is launched.

The independent TMMi testing methodology, which is an alternative to Capgemini Sogeti's Test Process Improvement (TPI) methodology, will have its level 5, known as optimisation, completed next week.

if carried-out correctly, TMMi will find faults in software while it is being developed, rather than testing after completion. It promises to cut the costs associated with software development.

Businesses see this type of methodology as a way to improve software and reduce faults. Software development companies can use it as a rubber stamp to show customers that they have processes in place when developing software that will reduce errors and costs as a result.

The five levels of TMMi are:

1 Initial

This is basically chaos and the stage that companies are at when they have nothing in place when it comes to a testing process. These companies rely on their people to find faults, rather than processes. Testing is done ad hoc when the software development is complete.

2 Managed

When a company reaches this level it means testing is a core processes. This will include Design, strategy, planning and setting up initial models. Testing is separated from debugging at this stage.

3 Defined

The testing phase is no longer seen as something that happens after coding is complete. Test planning is done early on.

4 Measured

Testing is now fully defined with measurable processes. There will also be peer reviews.

5 Optimisation

Testing is now completely defined and improvement to processes will be made through quantitative understanding of causes of software failures.

TMMi appeals to businesses that want to reduce their software failures and costs as a result as well as suppliers that want a rubber stamp on their software testing capability.

Retailer Marks & Spencer and UK bank HBOS (now part of Lloyds Banking Group) are two businesses that use TMMi to test thousands of pieces of in-house software.

The first IT services company to reach level five is expected to be a Spanish company soon and a major central government department will soon reach the top level.

Accenture is entering the TMMi market as a provider of services to companies want TMMi accreditation.

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