Google Music Takes New Approach to Mobile Music

If you thought iTunes was convenient, wait until Google unveils their Google Music service. This service will likely work great without an Android device, but it really shines with one.

If you own an iPhone, or an iPod Touch, you will know the drill. Download music on your home computer, then when you have some time, connect your phone and sync it up. Or, if you are on the go, you can browse the iTunes store directly from your phone and sync it up later.

Google's taking a bit of a different approach though. They don't believe in wires — they think your phone should always be in sync with your Google account, over the air. When you visit the Google music store, you will be presented with a giant catalog of music that can be sent to your phone with a click of a button. No more wires needed, the songs you buy will begin downloading immediately on your phone.

If Google does it right, they may even have a streaming service that lets you log into your account, and play your purchased music through a web-based player (or Google TV?). Gone are the days where you need to store your music on your hard drive, and have it all backed up for the day when your computer dies.

All of this may be arriving in the Fall according to Greg Sandoval at cnet. What do you think? Is this something you will use, or are you the kind of person that would rather keep your music stored on your computer?

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