Report Says CEOs Don't Care About IT

Forrester Research has today claimed that the vast majority of CEOs in large corporations do not pay much attention to IT.

Chief executive of Forrester, George Colony said that of the top 100 CEOs he examined, only a very small number even referenced IT in their annual report letters last year.

At the Forrester's IT Forum EMEA, Colony stated: "CEOs do not really care about IT. If you look at how IT is managed, you have lines of business and functional groups in the business and IT is a project-based world. I met FedEX's IT group, and the CEO asked how each project was going and could only ask, is it on time?"

Colony said that although IT departments may deal with a great number projects, very few of these are business critical. "CEOs can truly add no wisdom to this project-oriented world. This is the world of IT that exists in businesses today," he stated.

Colony said that it is important for the modern CEO to engage with "business technology" - a term the company has coined to explain how a technology department works with the business. "The technology organisation and business comes together to look at the capabilities that the company actually needs," he said.

He concluded that it should be the CEOs responsibility in any company to push technology and business groups together in order to build capabilities that can work to the advantage of the company as a whole.

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