Future of ContactPoint Database is Unknown

The government has announced that it plans to maintain the child database ContactPoint in limited operation, and currently has no date in mind for stopping it.

The Department of Education has said in a letter to directors of children's services that it expects to announce the plans for the database later in the summer.

The letter stated: "The government has made clear its intention to end ContactPoint as soon as is practicable. In the meantime, while ContactPoint remains in use, its operations will be scaled down.

"Ministers have decided to maintain ContactPoint in limited operation pending firmer decisions on what should come after it."

The letter also said that when ContactPoint does cease to operate, the system will be revoked centrally. "National partners will not need to do anything technically to enable this change."

The Government has also stated that the removal of information from the database will also be done centrally and treated sensitively.

The local authority funding which is currently maintaining the database is only scheduled to continue until the end of June. No decision has been made on whether more money will be available for the cause after this time.

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