Business Analytics Predictions from Gartner

Research firm Gartner has found that 70-80 per cent of corporate business intelligence projects fail.

Most business intelligence (BI) projects fail to deliver because of a combination of poor communication between IT and the business, the failure to ask the right questions and a failure to think about the real needs of the business as a whole.

Patrick Meehan, president and research director in Gartner's CIO Research group says, "If you don't ask the right questions, BI is not a crystal ball that pops out the answer. People in IT need to stop approaching BI as a vendor or engineering solution, or as a tool. They need to understand what business they are in. They are in the information and communication business."

Meehan advises IT departments to rely on the expertise of the rest of the business to help decide what they need from a BI project. This might mean bringing in people from different teams across the business including: marketing, sales, and those with expertise in utilising social networks.

"There is probably information out there about your company that you are not even aware of. You have to think more like anthropologists, invite the right people to the table. Then the exercise becomes more like information gathering," advises Meehan.

It is important for IT departments not to think of BI as one-time solution, says Gartner. The field is developing so quickly, that a good solution now may no longer be a good solution in two years time.

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