Website 4Chan Launches DDoS Attack On MPAA

Popular imageboard web site 4chan has launched a distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack against the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA), in retaliation for an earlier attack sanctioned by the industry body on The Pirate Bay and other file-sharing sites.

Security vendor Panda Security said in a blog post that the attack began on 18 September and lasted for almost 24 hours before switching focus to Indian software firm

Aiplex was hired by the MPAA earlier this month to launch cyber attacks on The Pirate Bay and other sites which had not responded to copyright infringement notices sent by the MPAA.

The DDoS attack was launched by 4chan users shortly after 4am on Saturday morning, and "took only eight minutes to bring the site to a screeching halt", according to Panda Security's Panda Labs research arm.

Panda Labs threat researcher Sean-Paul Correll labelled the attack "the future of cyber protests".

"Not only do they have the collective manpower but, according to the image, they will be using botnets to assist in the attack against the MPAA," he said.

"How do you stop the collective manpower of an entire internet community? You can seize equipment and hunt down the originators of the attack, but this is a group which has prided itself in remaining anonymous, and has done so very well through the power of the internet."

The Recording Industry Association of America is next on 4chan's hit list with a DDoS attack on the industry body set to launch at 8pm today.

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