Third of Mobile Users 'Remain Loyal' to Phone Brands

A study conducted by mobile phone comparison, Right Mobile Phone, has found that a third of mobile users "remain loyal" to phone brands.

The report shows that while a quarter of people will stay with their network, a third will also stay with their existing phone brand when it is time to upgrade.

Right Mobile Phone questioned 1,780 people about their phone purchasing habits and found that 41 per cent of people who stayed with the same network when their contracts expired said they did so to avoid the hassle of changing their mobile number. A quarter said it was because they were satisfied with the network coverage from their existing provider and 4 per cent said they simply were too lazy to explore alternative options.

The results look a little different for those who do choose to change networks. 11 per cent of people who make the switch say they feel they received a better deal by doing so, with 39 per cent of those who switch stating that they made the decision in the hope of receiving better signal. Only 14 per cent of people said that they switched brands to get better features from the device itself.

Neil McHugh, the co-founder of said, "It's clear from the research that buying habits have a lot to do with consumers remaining with the same manufacturers or network."

He continued: "Once you get used to how a certain brand of phone works, such as the layout of the menu or the different functions the handset offers, it's quite common not to want to get a new handset and learn how it works all over again. With the network, good signal is obviously a strong selling point that keeps customers loyal."

According to the survey the greatest brand loyalty was for Nokia, while Vodafone was the network provider that most people chose to stay with.

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