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Business Continuity

Having a business continuity plan in place is the least expensive insurance policy a company can take out. Such a plan will help ensure that, should the worst happen the chances of your business critical operations continuing are significantly improved.

Business Continuity Plans and Disaster Recovery Plans have much in common. Whereas a Disaster Recovery Plan is geared towards recovering after a disaster, a Business Continuity Plan details how a business can continue to operate as normal until the disaster is resolved. So, should you fall victim to a power outage, virus, hack attack or even physical relocation of office space, your Disaster Recovery Plan helps ensure business continuity.

If you require help developing your disaster recovery strategy and business continuity plans, we are here to help.

Contact our business continuity specialists to discuss your plans further.


Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery Planning is a technology-based process that ensures client's hosting solutions are returned to normal performance as soon as possible after a major problem.

Our solutions architects and technical engineers are available to help design you a comprehensive Disaster Recovery solution that fits your needs, delivering value that no other provider can match.

Plus our data centre staff and support engineers are on hand 24/7/365 ensuring delivery of the highest availability and standards that your business demands.
Learn more about Disaster Recovery Planning.

Fully Compliant- PCI DSS, ISO27001, ISO14001 & ISO9001

We hold these certificates for all aspects of our services, not just our data centres.

So, if you're comparing us to other providers we recommend you check that they also have these standards for all aspects of their network and services. On closer inspection we have found many companies say they are:

  • working towards them
  • running their systems to this level but not actually certified
  • running only part of their business to a particular standard

So checking before disaster strikes is imperative.

Learn more about our compliance certifications.

Industry Leading SLAs

UKFast guarantees an incredible 30 minute hardware replacement, the fastest in our industry and twice as fast as our nearest competitor. We deliver 100% network uptime and infrastructure guarantees.

Despite the fact that servers don't last forever, we deliver a 99.99% uptime on servers and application devices, with money back guarantees, so in the unlikely event the equipment fails you, we won't.

Learn more about our industry leading Service Level Agreements.


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