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Video: The Next Renaissance

23.6.2011 by Guest

This is a guest post from Byron Evans, Owner of Wallop Video Why do millions of people watch a cat playing the keyboard? We do (and let's face it we all have) because we can, we can watch whatever we want, whenever we want, pretty much anywhere. Thanks to laptops, cameras, smart phones and tablets. It wasn't that long ago that we were regaling the benefits of the LP function on VCR machines, now look how far we have come. The advent of faster broadband speeds, social media multi platforms and high quality user friendly equipment allow us all to become…

Video Nation

21.6.2011 by Guest

This is a guest post from Brian Barnes, Managing Director of So here I am feeling quite stumped. How do I write anything informative and stimulating about the new video generation and content? After all I am a dinosaur.…

Happy Birthday YouTube

26.5.2011 by Jenn Granger

The global phenomenon, YouTube, celebrated its sixth birthday yesterday. In a message on their blog, YouTube thanked everyone for their support and revealed two amazing stats on the video site's popularity. First they announced that over 48 hours of video…

Is This the Social Media Election?

6.5.2010 by Stephen McNamara

As the nation takes to the polls for the closest election in a generation, the true winner of the first digital election has already been identified as social media. Following its influential role in Barack Obama's 2008 US election campaign,…

A Billion Views, The Planet’s Favourite Channel!

20.10.2009 by Stephen McNamara

If anyone was still in doubt about web users’ appetite for watching streamed content online then YouTube’s latest figures should be all the convincing they need. The website’s founder, Chad Hurley, stated last week that YouTube is now getting over…

Can Facebook Threads Enhance Google’s Offering?

12.10.2009 by Stephen McNamara

Google recently added forum results to its search listings. The aim is to include more social media in its results mix. But is it a good idea? Well they say variety is the spice of life and it terms of…

Twitting Money

16.4.2009 by Stephen McNamara

Big online news stories at the moment all seem to be about getting hold of the gold at the end of the rainbow from new media web portals. In terms of pure visitor numbers the likes of YouTube, Facebook and…

ITV’s Grade – Me Thinks he Doth Protest Too Much!

22.9.2008 by Mother Superior

Beleaguered ITV boss Michael Grade has referred to online video sites, such as YouTube, as ‘parasites’ to commercial broadcasters. In an interview at the IBC technology conference, the former Channel 4 and BBC man reportedly said operators such as YouTube,…

Viacom/YouTube Battle Threatens to Trample Web User’s Privacy

4.7.2008 by Mother Superior

This week a US court delivered a landmark ruling that raises questions about internet users’ rights to privacy. The ruling comes from the high-profile and very bitter legal dispute between YouTube and Viacom. In case you are not familiar with…

Back Tracking on YouTube

2.3.2007 by Mother Superior

Literally moments after I posted the last blog, I noticed a story on the UKFast website which reveals another big content provider deal for YouTube. The BBC has signed a deal to create at least 2 dedicated channels on the…