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Sarah UKFast | Account Manager

World Mental Health Day: How Are You Feeling?

10.10.2018 by Jenn Granger

At UKFast, we’re happy to be celebrating World Mental Health Day 2018. We know how vital a healthy work/life balance is for maintaining your happiness and we have built our very unique team culture around just that. Now it’s autumn and the days are getting shorter, it’s very easy to forget that the shiny days of summer ever really happened (heatwave? What heatwave?) and moods can start to dip alongside the sun. Here at UKFast we have several fail-safes in place to ensure that team morale stays at an all-time high. We pride ourselves in being a dynamic, supportive employer…

Time to Train

12.7.2011 by Alice Cullen

No one can buy more time. To quote William Shakespeare "Defer no time, delays have dangerous ends". We spend years of our life in 'training' as we pass through various schools and colleges. Finally, we land ourselves a job and…

Internal Collaboration With Social Media

19.11.2010 by Stephen McNamara

I've been thinking recently, that for me the problem with the hype surrounding Social Media, is that people often just think of it as a marketing tool and nothing more. However, forget that facebook, twitter, digg...etc exist and think of…

The Right People in the Right Seats

11.6.2009 by The Brigadier

  It takes individuals of many different natures for a business to operate successfully. Every person has a talent and personality that lends that individual to a specific role. Some people are great organisers who exude practicality, others may be…

Manchester is Top UK City

9.6.2009 by Stephen McNamara

It is official if we didn't already know. Manchester is the best city in the UK! The home of fine dining, fine arts, seats of great learning, the best football team in England (second best in Europe!) and the best…

Under Pressure

26.3.2009 by The Brigadier

Flappers – I can't stand them. No, I haven't got anything against bob haired young maidens with fringed dresses, dancing the Charleston, I'm referring to the workplace "flapper". People deal with pressure differently and "flappers" are a problem for leaders.…

Winning as a Team

21.3.2009 by Stephen McNamara

Today the 6 Nations international rugby union competition comes to a climax with Wales and Ireland battling it out for the title. At UKFast we are big supporters of rugby, including sponsoring Premiership side Sale Sharks, so we are very…

Passionate People

19.3.2009 by The Brigadier

I am surprised any work gets done at all in UK business. There seems to be more "passion" in the workplace than a Jackie Collins blockbuster, Not that it's all hearts and flowers - it's just the business world certainly…

Get the Tax Break That Actually Helps

1.12.2008 by Mother Superior

The Government is trying to counter the recession (and falling voter numbers) by offering short term tax incentives. The headline cut is the 2.5% on VAT that supposedly will have us all scurrying straight out to the shops. Additionally, Alistair…

I Heard the Noise Today, oh Boy

19.4.2006 by Chris N

Aside from the fact that we have Big Brother, deadlines, diets and one hundred different ways to get in touch with people electronically in order to tell them what a crazy fool they were last night, the one thing that…