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Sarah UKFast | Account Manager

Real People – Real Recommendations

11.7.2007 by Mother Superior

It is amazing what the internet has done for customer recommendation. With a record number of people saying that they search online for reviews of a product before purchasing, we're now finding that the general public are becoming very savvy about what is and what is not genuine independent praise. The idea that we can trust real people to give good honest opinions is stronger than ever. So much so that it reflects very badly indeed when this trust is betrayed by a product or service. Earlier this week, the Manchester Evening News revealed that the GMPTA's (local transport organisation)…

The Web’s ad Potential Finally Mainstream?

19.6.2006 by Mother Superior

The potency of word of mouth advertising on the Internet is not new, but often for the mainstream to take the shift online seriously, they require a traditional giant to coerce them. That's why Proctor & Gamble's announcing of the…