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Sarah UKFast | Account Manager

CTO’s Update: The Challenges and Opportunities of WFH

27.3.2020 by Charlotte Greene

After the initial shock and rush to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses across the UK are now settling into new ways of operating with a WFH (working from home) team – and UKFast is no different. It’s exactly one week since we transitioned the majority of the UKFast team to a ‘working from home’ status. Setting up more than 300 employees with remote access connections, VPNs, remote desktops and ensuring everyone had a device on which they could WFH was no small feat. However, there’s no doubt we’re in a fortunate position right now, as a huge number of…

#WFH: 3 Ways DaaS Helps Businesses Work from Home

26.3.2020 by Charlotte Greene

#WFH (aka ‘work from home’) has been trending on Twitter recently as more of the world’s businesses adopt a remote working approach to tackle the spread of COVID-19. The move will no doubt change the way in which many businesses…

#WFH: 4 Employee Challenges and How to Solve Them

25.3.2020 by Charlotte Greene

In 2010, Gartner predicted that by 2020 50% of the world’s workforce would be working from home (WFH). Little did those experts know that a decade later most of the working world would be operating from the living room.  Desktop…

#WFH: A guide to eliminating common IT headaches

24.3.2020 by Charlotte Greene

The COVID-19 virus has prompted companies across the globe to implement widescale working-from-home (WFH) strategies, and quickly. Implementing a remote working setup presents challenges that your business may never have previously encountered, and for some, one of the most daunting…

#WFH: 5 Tips for Stronger Home Working Security

23.3.2020 by Charlotte Greene

Due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, the past few weeks has seen businesses across the globe quickly adopt a home working approach, which has caused a new wave of security threats to emerge. A working from home (WFH) strategy presents…

#WFH: 5 Tips for Managing a Remote Workforce

20.3.2020 by Charlotte Greene

Businesses around the globe are facing the reality of managing an entirely WFH workforce – potentially for the first time, and most probably without much warning or planning.   Covid-19 has taken the business world by surprise. But that’s not to say that your…