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2018’s Tech Trends According to the Experts

22.1.2018 by Al McCloud

When we look back at 2018, what will characterise the year in tech? That’s the multi-million dollar question to ask at the start of a new year, and it’s one which could be worth literal millions for those who get it right. In the first webinar of 2018, UKFast took a stab at this very question. Hosted by Jonathan Bowers, MD of UKFast Enterprise, our guests covered the emerging technology trends which they believe business owners should be keenly aware of in the next twelve months. Here are the main talking points You can watch the entire webinar here. Increased…

New eCommerce KPIs to Take into the Boardroom

19.1.2018 by Al McCloud

eCommerce professionals like you need a pat on the back. The average consumer might not appreciate that your industry often forces you to throw out everything you’ve ever learned and start from scratch. It’s a symptom of the internet cycle:…

The 5 Most Unexpected IoT Hacks of 2017

13.9.2017 by Al McCloud

Hacking a PC is so 1999. These days, if you want props as a cybercriminal you’ve got to hack stuff. Smart fridges, smart cars, smart, erm, fidget spinners? You name it; if you can hack a smart device you’re basically…

Your GDPR Questions Answered by the Experts

1.6.2017 by Al McCloud

In a recent UKFast webinar, we posed your questions about the General Data Protection Regulation to a panel of legal and data security experts. In the second of our webinar write-ups, we’re exploring why people must be thinking about the…

On Demand: UKFast’s Top 5 Tech Predictions for 2017

14.2.2017 by Katherine Kelly

Adopting up-and-coming tech is becoming increasingly vital for anyone who wants to win big in a digital age, so it’s never been more important to know where the big movers and shakers are – as well as how to stay…

Is your Business Prepared for Changes in Tech in 2017?

24.1.2017 by Katherine Kelly

January is not the time for leaving the house – or your seat, if you can help it. It is, however, time to get clued up on the goings on for the year ahead. In our upcoming fiesta for your…

How to Build a Killer Mobile App

3.10.2016 by Katherine Kelly

By 2017, the number of application – or ‘app’ – downloads is expected to hit an incredible 268.69 billion. This means two things. One, applications are so hot right now. Two, it’s not enough to have an app; it needs…

Create an App that Works Like a Dreamr

13.9.2016 by Katherine Kelly

How often do you use apps? Odds are, you use them a lot; which means your customers will too. Apps are now part of everyday life and something that can bring big benefits business. In our upcoming webinars with app…

SaaS – Adopting a Cloud Software Delivery Model

14.6.2016 by Katherine Kelly

SaaS – not to be confused with the natural confidence and quick wit that many women are blessed with (gents, you know it’s true) – is one of the trends growing significantly globally. But, as with any tech evolution, it’s…

Magento Optimisation – How to Win More New Customers

9.3.2016 by Katherine Kelly

One of the biggest questions for any eCommerce site is how to convert more of your site visitors into new customers. Knowing how to optimise Magento is the key to unlocking this potential, but often businesses are unsure how. Having…