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Reasons to Consider Drupal

11.7.2013 by Alice Cullen

Web development platform Drupal is the latest digital buzz word. Is it just hype? Senior Developer at Carpe Diem, Chris Jolley breaks through the frenzy to tell us about why Drupal could be for you. Drupal seems to have undergone a meteoric rise in popularity recently, becoming something of a buzz word in digital circles. This rise is something that can largely be attributed to the enthusiasm and continued growth of the Drupal community (thousands of core developers, hundreds of thousands of active accounts and contributors on!) which in turn is one of Drupal’s greatest strengths. While other platforms…

HTML5 Key to BYOD?

21.6.2012 by Alice Cullen

As the popularity of 'bring your own device' working skyrockets, businesses are concerned by the high costs associated with the set up. Whether you realise it or not, more and more employees are switching on to the idea of Bring…

HTML5 – The End of Flash?

18.5.2012 by Alice Cullen

The introduction of cross-platform webpages with multimedia written into the code, in theory, eliminates the need for the ubiquitous Adobe plug-in. Back in 2010 Steve Jobs famously explained to the world why Apple won’t back Flash or support it on…