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Broadsheets Prepare for the Virtual Upgrade

10.5.2007 by Mother Superior

Yesterday I attended a seminar session in Manchester called Meet the Northern Correspondents, which added to the newspapers' online debate. The two speakers were Helen Carter of The Guardian and James Wilson of the FT. Helen revealed that some departments…

Web 2 point Oh (no)

30.5.2006 by Chris N

Books of academic criticism of a certain movement, whether literary, artistic or philosophical, always seem to start with the same introduction. Say you're reading about abstract expressionism. The intro will say 'first, what is abstract expressionism? It's hard to define…

Bringing the New Web to the Uninitiated

25.5.2006 by Mother Superior

How do you bring web developments like RSS, blogging and Wiki to a wider audience and encourage use even from technophobes? There are still many businesses using the Internet only because they feel they should be a part of it.…

World Wide Web Conference

24.5.2006 by Mother Superior

The World Wide Web Conference 2006 is on this week in Edinburgh and the buzz today surrounded the 'semantic web.' For many, the semantic web is the real Web 2.0. I'd recommend a read of a BBC report that discusses…