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Viacom/YouTube Battle Threatens to Trample Web User’s Privacy

4.7.2008 by Mother Superior

This week a US court delivered a landmark ruling that raises questions about internet users’ rights to privacy. The ruling comes from the high-profile and very bitter legal dispute between YouTube and Viacom. In case you are not familiar with the case here is the background. US broadcasting company Viacom alleges that YouTube infringes its copyright law by allowing parts of its programmes (such as the Late Show with Jon Stewart) to be shown on the YouTube website. To prove its case Viacom had asked the US courts to grant it access to YouTube’s data. In response YouTube’s owner Google…

YouTube a Short Term Phenomenon?

2.3.2007 by Mother Superior

Viacom's announcement that traffic is substantially up on its various video content sites is dangerous news for YouTube, which was instructed to remove all content belonging to the media producer just over a month ago. According to Google Trends it's…