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Blessed be the Blog

21.7.2006 by Chris N

A while ago the Web was in the grip of robots. Take two of the classic web searches (no, not those two, this is a family blog) - consumer electronics and celebrities. I'd be searching for a USB powered keyboard warmer and the latest pictures of Brian Blessed, and all I'd get was a hundred price comparison websites and some generic celeb-pic site with only a couple of fuzzy pics of Brian and a hundred links trying to sell me junk I didn't need, USB powered mouse-mat warmers? Useless! These searches are bound to still have Google spit a lot…

Welcome to Userville

16.5.2006 by Chris N

Working in IT is only marginally less stressful than working at CTU, a recent poll suggests. Well colour me surprised - bet if you did a similar poll of carribean beach-bar barmen they'd be moaning about the hazards of falling…