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Sarah UKFast | Account Manager

We all Need a Little Help and Guidance Sometimes….

16.12.2009 by James Crawshaw

Something I've never blogged on but often take advantage of are the Microsoft Infrastructure Planning and Design (IPD) Guides. A quick look at what they cover..... "Guidance that aims to clarify and streamline the planning and design process for Microsoft® infrastructure technologies." Defines decision flow Describes decisions to be made Relates decisions and options for the business Frames additional questions for business understanding Some of the technologies they are currently published for... IPD Guides for Virtualization Windows Server Virtualization (Hyper-V) System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2008 and R2 (updated) Microsoft Application Virtualization 4.5 (App-V) Microsoft Enterprise Desktop Virtualization (MED-V) Windows Server 2008…

Passionate People

19.3.2009 by The Brigadier

I am surprised any work gets done at all in UK business. There seems to be more "passion" in the workplace than a Jackie Collins blockbuster, Not that it's all hearts and flowers - it's just the business world certainly…

The Ups and Downs of Company Blogging

7.3.2009 by Stephen McNamara

Thanks to the Internet we can all now post our opinions and observations on the world as they happen. Blogging has become a popular endeavour across the globe and it has even entered the business world as a legitimate new…

A Best Company

1.2.2009 by Mother Superior

What makes a company a Best company? The internet offers all businesses the chance to promote themselves to the hilt like never before - and there are those who will consistently over-egg their credentials. You'll find thousands who punch well…

Google’s Brand is Damaged by Negotiable Principles

22.1.2009 by Mother Superior

As a brand name Google is arguably unmatched in the world. The fact that the proper noun has become a commonly used verb – ‘googled’- says it all. But while a brand can be the most recognisable in its particular…

Real People – Real Recommendations

11.7.2007 by Mother Superior

It is amazing what the internet has done for customer recommendation. With a record number of people saying that they search online for reviews of a product before purchasing, we're now finding that the general public are becoming very savvy…

The Road to Web Transparency

31.1.2007 by Mother Superior

When I visit a website and there are no contact details that place the company in a geographical area or names of company members I am always immediately suspicious of the legitimacy of the business. Transparency is something that has…

Trust is Down But ad Spends up Online

24.1.2007 by Mother Superior

I got an email this morning from eBay's Head of Trust and Safety. It's a job title that you don't often come across. The role might seem odd to some but it doesn't surprise me at all. Just today a…

Will PR Need Journalists in 5 Years Time?

11.7.2006 by Mother Superior

An interesting question came up last week at the CIPR Northern Conference in Leeds. Julia Hobsbawn had just been talking about how new media has changed the landscape in terms of reporting news and the rise of the columnist within…