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Sarah UKFast | Account Manager

Has HTML5 Hit Its First Major Stumbling Block?

21.9.2012 by Alice Cullen

Confidence in HTML5 has been shaken as Facebook abandons its app, raising doubt for business owners as to whether HTML5 is right for their site. If Zuckerberg doesn’t want it, why should we? HTML5 has been one of the biggest tech trends of the year, with the markup going from strength to strength, until now. Facebook’s Zuckerberg has said that building an app based on the standard was “one of the biggest mistakes, if not the biggest strategic mistake” that Facebook has ever made. The social giant saw ratings in the app store skyrocket from just one star to 4.5…

Managing Data – Are You Flying Blind?

19.9.2012 by Guest

This is a guest post written by Justin Basini, Founder and CEO of ALLOW, a UK-based consumer privacy and personal data company. Developing unique technologies and expert service, ALLOW aims to put consumers back in control of their personal information.…

Big Data Behind the Buzzword

19.9.2012 by Alice Cullen

With big data continuing to be the year's biggest buzzword – we ask a panel of experts their view on what big data actually is and how we can use it in business. "The term big data was only conceived…