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Sarah UKFast | Account Manager

UKFast vs Digital Skills Gap

13.5.2016 by Guest

Manchester’s digital technology industry is growing at an incredible pace, and is a main driver behind the Northern Powerhouse. The city is now home to the second largest tech hub in the country in terms of number of jobs, with a…

Apprenticeship Week at UKFast

18.3.2016 by Guest

As National Apprenticeship Week draws to a close, Bryn takes a look at what the events of the last five days meant for skills, schools and businesses. For anyone out there who lives in a Wi-Fi-less cave, this week is/was…

Apprenticeships in Digital

17.3.2016 by Guest

In honour of National Apprenticeship Week, Simon of digital marketing agency PushON shares why apprentices are a key ingredient to the success of PushON's business model, and how we can learn from the past!  PushON has been following National Apprenticeship Week since it…

The Apprentice

16.3.2016 by Jenn Granger

From braving the boardroom as Lord Sugar’s apprentice, to co-founding a business that’s now in a position to hire its own, Neil Clough is well-versed in the subject. We caught up with him when he spoke at our recent Apprenticeship Employee Engagement…

An Ex-STEM-plary Partnership

8.3.2016 by Guest

As you may be aware, today is International Women’s Day so we thought this would be a good opportunity to talk about the work we do with one of Manchester’s longest-standing girl’s schools. Bryn has the story (along with the…

Careering into the Future

12.2.2016 by Guest

It’s been one hell of a month for apprenticeships in Manchester. Bryn has the rundown, brace yourselves.  We had the Bright Future closure, leaving 180 apprentices out of work, so we teamed up with leading Manchester businesses and held an…

Going for Gold

10.2.2016 by Jenn Granger

They say that what you do to others will come back to you. Often – in a less charitable yet more hilarious sense – this will be in the form of instant karma. But, in a more professional/less terrible person…

Do the Maths

30.11.2015 by Guest

With some big announcements on education in the Autumn statement last Wednesday, we thought it would be a fitting time to give you another snippet of what’s been going on in the education arm of UKFast. Bryn has the lowdown.…

Two Years

24.8.2015 by Guest

You might have met Mr Marsh on one of the many Manchester networking events, or on one of the tours we have of UKFast Campus each week, or at a training and education event. Well, Chris Marsh, or Mr Manchester…