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Sarah UKFast | Account Manager

How Accurate Were Our 2016 Predictions? Episode 2

26.12.2016 by Guest

We hope you had a fantastic Christmas everyone! While you're recovering from the Turkey overload, why not read our second 2016 tech predictions blog! Twelve months is a long time in tech. It’s the industry driving evolution and change on a global socio-economic scale. Harking back to December 2015, we spoke to a series of experts from around the business and beyond on what we should expect to happen in the year that followed. In today’s blog Dani looks at just how close we came to getting our second prediction right; did the threat landscape change in 2016? We predicted: Threats…

How accurate were our 2016 predictions? Episode 1

22.12.2016 by Guest

Last Christmas the world was a different place. David Cameron was Prime Minister, the UK had yet to vote in favour of Brexit, Donald Trump was merely a billionaire businessman with interesting hair and David Bowie was still creating great…

Deloitte Technology Predictions 2015

20.1.2015 by Jenn Granger

Last week the fantastic Deloitte hosted their ‘Technology, Media and Telecomms’ UK predictions 2015 event at UKFast, and we were treated to some insights into the areas of the tech industry that they think will be flourishing and floundering over…

Nine Predictions for Social and Business in 2014 Part Two

17.3.2014 by Guest

Today we've got the second brilliant installment of this year's social and business predictions from Chris Tipping from McTip IT! Chris has been working with online businesses for over 5 years, and his belief is to Make Brilliant Marketing Simple. Find him…