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Sarah UKFast | Account Manager

The UKFast Dogs Giving Us #FridayMotivation

10.5.2019 by Charlotte Greene

Happy Friday everyone! Today we are celebrating the most fluffy, loyal and playful members of the UKFast family – the team dogs! Our office dogs boost morale and the overall wellbeing of the team, which in turn improves everyone’s productivity. Plus, a study at the University of Manchester last year found that pets help their owners to manage their feelings and provide a powerful distraction from the stress of mental health problems. Get to know our favourite canine companions and what makes them tick. Spoiler alert: cuteness overload. Snowy Age: 14 Favourite thing: Being (slowly) chased around the office while…

Three Ways to Increase January Motivation

4.1.2019 by Charlotte Greene

Whether you’re suffering from Christmas light withdrawal, a lack of refined sugary treats or are on the third day of recovery after the excitement of Christmas and New Year’s Eve festivities, it’s easy to feel sluggish and in need of…