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Sarah UKFast | Account Manager

Running a Business

3.4.2017 by Alice Cullen

Why do we focus on health and wellbeing? It’s very simple. When you feel well, you’re happier and who doesn’t want a happy team? Plus, a happy team is more likely to offer an incredible level of service for our clients; happy team = happy clients! But there’s more to it. It is a challenge to try to squeeze everything into the day and work full time. And we’ve all seen the motivational quotes and posters that say: “if you don’t make time for exercise, you make time for illness”. It’s true. From a business point of view, it really…

Castell in the Clouds

16.9.2016 by Jenn Granger

What does ‘team-building’ mean to you? A pint down the pub on Friday? Cliché business jargon? Your own personal nightmare? If you work at UKFast it means getting your rain mac on and your head firmly in the clouds –…

Building a Team the UKFast Way

25.3.2010 by Lady Penelope

Team-building is a widely used term in business referring to activities that improve team performance. There are companies dedicated to providing Team Building sessions, days and breaks which promise to 'improve company performance' and 'tackle workplace issues.' One question springs…