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Everything You Missed At Our Startup Event

8.6.2017 by Al McCloud

If you couldn’t make it to Startup 101 you’ve missed out on some free UKFast goodies, lunch and a chance to try out our new three-storey slide (yes, really), but you haven’t missed out on some of the key takeaways from the four discussions we held at the event. Keynote: Lawrence Jones UKFast CEO Lawrence Jones MBE provided the keynote at Startup 101, having taken UKFast from a bedroom startup alongside co-founder and wife Gail Jones, to one of the leading hosting providers in the UK. Throughout the course of those 17 years, Lawrence developed his formula for success, a…

How Spritzing Gives You Superhuman Reading Speeds

27.2.2014 by Katherine Kelly

If you were going to have a superpower, having the ability to speed read would be a great one… if things like flying, and collecting unicorns were already taken. Speed reading would probably be handier for everyday life anyway, so…